English Language


Characteristics of English Curriculum

To help students become life-long and self-directed language learners, student-centered lessons and whole-school activities are designed to enhance students’ English proficiency in an English-rich environment. Different pedagogies and learning strategies are applied to meet the needs of students with diverse abilities and interests and to boost their confidence in using English at the campus.

Our team

Department Heads:

  • Mr. Lam Ka   Ho

Teaching Members:

  • Ms. Cheung Hiu Lam
  • Ms. Chu Lai King
  • Ms. Ho Joyce Louise
  • Ms. Lee Lai Ming
  • Ms. Lee Wing Yee
  • Ms. Ma Suk Yee
  • Ms. Ng Mei Chi
  • Ms. Ng Yan Lam Yanni
  • Mr. Tam Ka Hang
  • Ms. Wong Hoi Ling
  • Ms.  Liu Ka Wai
  • Ms. Fan Chaoqi
  • Mr. Mark Christopher Russell Harris
Celebrating our youngest Newbie's birthday!

Life-wide Learning Activities

  A.English Tuesdays

English Speaking Tuesdays

English Speaking Tuesdays are fun opportunities for students to talk in English and win prizes. At recesses, students on each floor meet their NETs, English Ambassadors and teachers to chat about the theme of the month. The students that speak to the most people collect stamps in their English Tuesday passport booklets. With enough stamps inside, students can win a prize!

1. Thumbs up for English Tuesday prizes
2. English Tuesday prizes group photo
3. Students collecting English Tuesday prizes
4. Mr Harris with a student collecting his prize
5. Prizes Table
6. Prizes Table
7. Prizes Table
8. Students Discussing
9. Excited students wait to talk to the teacher
10. Students Collecting Prizes
11. Students Lining Up for Prizes
12. Students Lining Up for Prizes
17. Ms Murray and a student talking
18. Welcome to English Tuesday
19. Welcome to English Tuesday
20. Group Discussion
21. Having a good time on English Tuesday
22. S-T Discussion for English Tuesday
23. Playing Board Games

English Speaking Tuesdays Prize Giving

Pictured are some highlights from our prize ceremony following a recent English Speaking Tuesday. It was great to see so many students collecting stamps to receive a prize. Congratulations to our students for your English speaking efforts - keep up the good work in November!

13. Prize Winners
14. Prize Winners
15. Prize Winners
16. Prize Winners

B.English Paradise

CBT’s English Paradise episodes are monthly morning assembly videos made with the help of NETs, English Ambassadors, and teachers. Each episode features updates on the English activities at CBT, interviews with teachers and students, and interactive quiz questions for students to answer in the class.

C. Open Day

In November, we welcomed primary school students to our school for our annual Open Day. In the English Department, we chose to teach students about acrostic poems. We hosted poetry lessons throughout the day and each primary student took home an acrostic poem that they wrote by themselves. The students did an excellent job, and teachers and student helpers enjoyed welcoming them to CBT! Furthermore, four of our wonderful Form 4 students performed their dramatic duologues for parents. The students learned their lines and rehearsed meticulously to put on an entertaining show. After their performance, the parents gave them a huge round of applause. The students were thrilled to show their parents how much their English skills have improved through doing drama in secondary school.

1. Making an Accrostic Poem
2. Happy Student on Open Day
3. Duologue Team

D. English Week

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the English Department hosted online activities and made a learning package to celebrate the theme of English Week – ‘Love is in the Air’. The online activities include online quiz show assemblies and tailor-made language workshops. For the learning package, students had the opportunity to learn vocabulary, idioms, and stories all about Valentine’s Day. In previous years, an array of activities have been organized for English Week, including some highlights available below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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